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Job object:

FAE(Technical support engineer)




Shang hai

1. Tracking customers, provide technical support, to solve customer's problems in the application.
2. Understand customers' needs, and the appropriate according to the needs of the customers for application design.
3. Continuously for understanding of the products and related technology of learning.
4. Understand the market trend, and competitor information for the product.
5. In the communication between customers and suppliers, the customers and the information feedback to suppliers.
6. Provide technical support for the Sales in the company.
7. Complete all the work report.

1, the promotion of AC - DC, DC - DC PWM controller, MOSFET, and related products

2. Responsible for the MCU software and hardware in the development of industrial applications and popularization

3, the use of professional knowledge in response to customer needs, provide application guidance

4, the use of internal resources assessment to solve client or suppliers appear abnormal

5, to keeping track of the design project and the use of products management, and provide weekly report

6, continue to the business sector to provide the Design - In with the Design - Win support


Professional skills:

1, have 2 years experience in independent development and design the power supply

2, to the analog circuit, thermal design, EMI shielding has a deep understanding, familiar with selection of power devices

3, familiar with power supply testing instruments and EDA software, can the independent wiring & Layout, can provide guidance for customers

4, with single-chip microcomputer software and hardware development and marketing ability


Other requirements:

1, honest, enthusiastic, motivated, good at communication, loyal to the enterprise

2, good health, willing to travel frequently

3. Working location: Shanghai

Job object:

Sales Engineer




Shang hai

1. Regular contact and visit customers, to maintain good relationship with existing customers;
2. Study hard for the product knowledge, skilled to promote the products of the company
3. Timely understanding of customer needs, can on existing customers, develop new business;
4. Business related forms of production and update.

1, thinking positive, have enthusiasm for work, have a passion; Can bear hardships and stand hard work, has the good team cooperation spirit;

2, outgoing personality, responsive, expression ability is strong, have strong communication skills and communication skills, with affinity;

3, insight into market trends in electronics industry, have a certain sensitivity to potential customers, have a certain market analysis and judgment ability, good customer service consciousness;

4, obey the arrangement from department manager's job; Learn professional knowledge, to work in the sales process in the whole process of the pre-sale, sale, after-sale tracking service

5, college degree or above, good communication skills, good image and characteristic, the electronic components industry for more than 2 years working experience, familiar with single-chip sales promotion, familiar with industrial power supply, industrial control, motor drive market is preferred.

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