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Shanghai Fantrun Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is an independent distributor of electronic components and application solutions provider. Our agents have more than 20 years of experience in sales which including RENESAS (RENESAS) and a full range of HITACHI, MAXIM, KEC, GME, ANPEC, SINOPOWER, FITIPOWER, HK, LRC England, AEROSEMI, FMD and other semiconductor products.

Company's business is all over China, and applied to all kinds of electronic products, such as mobile phone, communications equipment, computer peripheral equipment, power equipment, instruments and meters, household appliances, audio-visual products, industrial control equipment, medical equipment, program-controlled equipment, digital products and other various types of electronic products, to provide a complete set of electronic semiconductor components, forming a complete solution products. The company is committed to MCU product research and development, to ensure that to the most outstanding and innovative technology, to provide customers personalized demands and service, to provide customers with a full range of hardware (HW) and software (SW) design of terminal solution。